Partners for Planning - Alternatives to Guardianship - June 19
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There has been an increase in discussion around parents and caregivers seeking guardianship for their adult child with a developmental disability. This webcast will help families understand the implications of guardianship and how it is usually unnecessary. It will also delve into decision making alternatives in Ontario and different ways to think about a person’s rights and ability to make their own decisions.

This webcast will:
•    Help people and families better understand where guardianship would be necessary and where it probably isn’t
•    Explain decision-making alternatives in Ontario
•    Provide alternative ways of thinking about a person’s ability and right to make their own decision
•    Explain the drawbacks to guardianship

A live Q&A will follow the webcast.  The webcast will be recorded and made available following the live event for one month.  

Karen joined Microboards Ontario this past April as its first Executive Director. She has over twenty years’ experience in progressive positions in the developmental services sector. She is a passionate, community-minded leader who brings an empathic and focused approach to her work. With an extensive background in communications, government relations, and strategic and operational planning, collaboration, accountability and a deep belief in inclusion and equity has been at the heart of her work.

Stephanie Dickson is a passionate social justice lawyer who advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.  She has years of experience working on disability and poverty-related legal issues. Stephanie joined PooranLaw in August 2019 to spearhead our specialized legal services in southwestern Ontario. 

Prior to joining PooranLaw, Stephanie worked as a staff lawyer in community legal clinics in London and Windsor.  For several years, Stephanie has advocated for the rights of low-income clients in a variety of legal matters, including social assistance, human rights, criminal injuries compensation, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance appeals and housing issues.  An important part of her work has also been to engage in law reform, systemic advocacy and community development. More recently, she developed The I Decide Project at Legal Assistance of Windsor, where she helped vulnerable populations to advocate for their decision-making rights and to stay safe from all forms of abuse, up to and including human trafficking.

Stephanie has also worked as a triage lawyer for Pro Bono Ontario’s Medical-Legal Partnership with Children’s Hospital – LHSC.  In that role, she helped families to identify and resolve legal problems impacting a child’s health or the family’s ability to care for their child. She advised families on a variety of legal issues, including employment matters, access to public and private benefits and estate planning.