Partners for Planning - Planning for a Good Life Beyond Graduation -- Oct 5
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Entering adulthood is a major step in a young person’s life. A clear vision for life beyond high school is key to executing a successful transition plan. 

In this webcast, we’ll explore pathways that families and teens can consider as they plan for life after high school. No matter what your child’s abilities are, they are worthy of a bright future. We'll explore pathways like, holding valued roles in the community, meaningful employment, and options for post-secondary education. Join us to learn about how creative thinking, and being open to the possibilities of adult life, can help you plan for a full and meaningful future.  

This is the webcast from our resource:
Planning For Beyond Graduation Toolkit

This webcast includes a live Q&A with our panelists.

Panelists will include:

  • Carolyn Fast, Independent Facilitator, P4P
  • Ingrid Muschta, Director Special Projects and Innovation, ODEN
  • Christy Heath, Learning Specialist, Adjunct Faculty, CICE Program, Lambton College