Partners for Planning - The Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
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The DTC: A valuable tax credit available to individuals living with a disability

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) helps reduce the amount of tax an individual or their caregiver will have to pay and opens the door to other valuable credits and programs.
You are eligible for the DTC if:
  • You have to have a prolonged (12 months continuous), severe mental or physical impairment
  • You have a marked restriction the daily activities of living (including feeding, speaking, walking, dressing, mental functions for every day life) Important note: Work and household activities to not qualify as components of daily living
  • A medical professional will certify that #1 and #2 apply

How to apply for the DTC:
To apply you must complete the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) form T2201 - the form has two parts:
  • Part A is completed by the individual or a representative
  • Part B is completed by the medical professional   Access the T2201 Form HERE
Appeal process if DTC application is denied:

After you receive your Notice of Assessment and have been declined you have 90 days to submit an appeal. You will need to file a notice of objection, which will contain facts and reasons you believe CRA should reverse their decision.

For more information about the Disability Tax Credit visit the Canadian Revenue Agency.